BEMS architecture and service modules for realizing sophisticated algorithms


There is a growing interest to introduce energy-saving algorithms which balance energy efficiency with residents’ comfortability into a building energy management system (BEMS). However, the following issues hinder penetration of the energy-saving algorithms into markets: difficulties both in embedding the algorithms into the BEMS, and in turning the algorithms suitably to fit varieties of installed equipment in each building. In this paper, A BEMS on micro-service architecture, and software service modules for the BEMS, were proposed. The micro-services architecture improves flexibility to introduce newly developed energy-saving algorithms into the BEMS and software service modules manipulate whole roles (modeling, planning, doing, and action) required for tuning the algorithms on-line to fit the algorithms to each building. Each software service module was implemented and integrated as elements of BEMS on micro-service architecture. The BEMS on micro-service architecture was applied to an actual building for evaluation, and its availability was confirmed through the field test.

Leer más Electronics and Communications in Japan, Volume 106, Issue 4, December 2023. 

BEMS architecture and service modules for realizing sophisticated algorithms

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