Author : MauricioEberle

Development and user evaluation for a robust character input support system for natural images of electricity reading slips

Abstract Text input, which is essential for a variety of applications, is one of the most difficult operations for older people. So, we propose a prototype to automatically detect and input text from a natural image taken from a user’s smartphone. For the evaluation of the system, 232 photo data taken by the actual people […]

An activity recognition system at home based on illuminance sensors

Abstract A social issue that leads to the safety and security of people is the network that monitors the safety of people living alone in remote areas. Various research and developments of indoor human activity recognition using IoT sensor nodes have been conducted in recent years. In this research, we focus on turning on and […]

A study on comparing method of motion classification using muscle bulging for control of powered prosthetic hand

Abstract Aiming at the control of a powered prosthetic hand, this paper compares methods for the classification of intended hand motions using muscle bulging patterns caused by muscle contraction. Two sheets of Polyvinylidene Difluoride (PVDF) film were used as sensors to detect the muscle bulging on the forearm caused by intended hand motions. A neural […]

Development of a stand‐alone portable respiratory rate monitor using a Doppler radar

Abstract Respiratory rate (RR) is known to be a more accurate predictor of clinical deterioration than other vital signs. However, there were few respiration measurement devices certified as medical devices that could be used in daily clinical settings. Therefore, using a bult-in microcontroller (72×57×12 mm) instead of a personal computer, we developed a portable stand-alone respiration […]

BEMS architecture and service modules for realizing sophisticated algorithms

Abstract There is a growing interest to introduce energy-saving algorithms which balance energy efficiency with residents’ comfortability into a building energy management system (BEMS). However, the following issues hinder penetration of the energy-saving algorithms into markets: difficulties both in embedding the algorithms into the BEMS, and in turning the algorithms suitably to fit varieties of […]

Thin diameter optical displacement sensor for grasping force sensing of surgical robot

Abstract The purpose of this study is to realize a grasp force measurement of forceps for robotic surgery systems. Generally, surgical robot forceps is actuated by traction wire, and we have suggested a newly force sensing system by measuring the wire expansion utilizing micro displacement sensors. For measuring the elongation of the wire, the white-light […]

A study on MMG sensor using piezoelectric polymer nanofibers by electrospinning

Abstract In the fields of medical and sports science, it is required to evaluate muscle activity qualitatively and quantitatively. Currently, mechanomyogram (MMG) that can reflect the mechanical activity of muscle fibers is attracting attention. The purpose of this study is to develop a sensor that can measure MMG during exercise. In this study, a small […]

Analytical method of DC input impedance for stability analysis of IPM motor drive system

Abstract This paper proposes an analytical calculation method of frequency characteristics of DC input impedances of an IPM motor drive system for design and stability analysis by the impedance method. The proposed method is based on an averaged frequency model linearized at an operating point. The developed small-signal model considers control principles and mechanical perturbations. […]

Terahertz radiation from shockwave front irradiated with femtosecond optical pulses

Abstract Femtosecond double optical pulse experiments with nanosecond time delay were conducted in air. Terahertz pulses were generated from laser plasmas produced by the irradiation with the main pulses on shockwave excited by the pre-pulse illumination. Intensity of the terahertz pulses depends on the time difference Δt and relative position Δy between the pre- and […]

Gas pressure dependence of optical and mechanical properties in a SiCO thin film for optical waveguide by reactive sputtering method

Abstract In this study, the gas pressure dependence of optical and mechanical characteristics in reactive sputtered SiCO thin films for optical guided-wave pressure sensors was experimentally investigated. Thin films were fabricated by varying the gas pressure from 0.3 to 1.0 Pa at an oxygen flow ratio of 6%, and the gas pressure dependences was clarified. As […]